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  1. 2013.10.17   Waplestore is 4 years old now.
  2. 2012.10.17   Happy birthday, Waplestore! :)
  3. 2010.10.17   The first anniversary of the team Waplestore!
Waplestore:Logs 2013.10.17 17:59

Waplestore is 4 years old now.

  • Waplestore

Happy birthday, Waplestore!

We celebrated our 4th foundation day on October 17th with Welch's as usual. We didn't have a fancy cake this time, but hopefully we can have one very soon.

While cleaning up the office, we found a PILE of papers from our past projects. Do you recognize some of screen shots and idea sketches? Some of us miss Mac's handsome face...

Grape flavored Welch's is perfect for a birthday party.

A pile of our efforts and 4-year-long history is here.

There's a news we'd like to share, and Jay will come up with a posting soon.
We'll keep you updated!



Waplestore:Logs 2012.10.17 16:02

Happy birthday, Waplestore! :)

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Wow, 3 years has passed already since we gathered as Waplestore.

We've gone through a lot and been keeping ourselves busy. 

You didn't forget about us, huh? We're still here, and doing very well! :)

Welchs for our special day as usual, as you know. :)

We, FINALLY, had a workshop just a few weeks ago. T^T

We also made a small project team to do some more exciting experiments.
Here is the logo for it, we named, Waplestore Labs! :)

Hope you enjoy the short teaser video of our very first project. It's coming very soon!

We're working really hard and will come back with awesome products!
See you soon! :)



  1. 찬손
    찬손 2012.12.12 18:54

    smart dialer를 사용하고 있습니다.
    아이폰5는 언제 지원하실 예정인지요?
    아직 화면이 조그만하게 나와서 불만입니당~~~~~

    • BlogIcon 사용자 jay cho 2013.01.21 20:18 신고

      안녕하세요, 와플스토어 Jay입니다.

      M&A 이후 한동안 적응 기간을 갖느라 회신이 많이 늦었어요.

      SmartDialer는 저도 매일같이 사용하는 앱이라 iPhone5로 바꾼 직후부터 바로 해상도 지원을 하고 싶었는데요, 겉보기에는 해상도만 늘이면 될 것 같지만, 3년 전에 만들어진 코드이다보니 실제로는 새로 개발해야 할 정도로 시간이 많이 소요되어 걱정입니다.

      최근 저희 팀에서 새로운 서비스(판다마켓)을 출시하면서 모든 개발 리소스가 해당 서비스에 투입된 것도 큰 부담인데요, 최대한 빠른 시일 내에 개선된 버전을 공유드릴 수 있도록 저희도 노력하겠습니다.

      부족한 저희 팀 살펴주시고, 또 응원해주셔서, 고맙습니다. :)

Waplestore:Logs 2010.10.17 23:01

The first anniversary of the team Waplestore!

  • 사용자 jay cho
Today is the one-year anniversary of the team Waplestore.

It's very busy these days, however, we had time to celebrate ourselves with gratitude for all our clients, opportunities, and the fact that we can be together now.

Please be with the future of Waplestore, which is growing day by day. Thanks! :)

We really want to drink a glass of wine,
but we drunk Welch's Grape instead because we had lots of things to do. T^T




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