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DIY Project 02 : How to Make Your Own LAN Cable

  • sunny yoo
As you noticed, we always like to customize things around our working environment. And yes, we made our own LAN Cables! We actually had fun while working on our 2nd DIY Project. (At least I did.)

Before I begin this post... I must confess that I owe a big apology to my team members. I almost lost all of these photos! Thanks to Jay’s big help, we could recover deleted image files.

Thank you very much for your help again, and I promise it won’t happen again! T^T

Jay and Ted had a tutor from the Telecom Company earlier that day.
He was generous enough to give us tips on creating LAN Cables.

Are you ready to go, people?
Yup, Jay was getting excited about starting the DIY Project!

Jay and Ted... They were perfect DIY Project partners!

Making some noise here! :)

Half of this project is done...

Okay, bring it on...!
From this point, we really started to work as a team.

Untwist colorful LAN cables and cut them approximately 1.5 cm.

Carefully insert each cord to the jack. Make sure the colors match!

Plug your cable into the LAN tester to check if it is assembled successfully.
If the lights go on and off one by one, you are safe.

"You know what color orange is, right........?"

This is how we make a living. Just kidding.

Some serious workers...

By the time we were done, we realized that the slackers were watching over us...

Our DIY Project 02 turned out to be very successful.
We'll be back with more DIY Projects! :)




  1. Eric
    Eric 2011.11.02 16:10

    와우!! 여직원 분들 가볍게 CCNA 시험 보셔도 무방할듯. :)


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