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New Dream Bakery on the 18th Floor!

  • sunny yoo
After we launched Panda Market, the World's First Mobile Flea Market Application, we moved to the very center of Gangnam!

We are greatly thankful for the beautiful and modern office! :)

Yes, we are up here! Very Gangnam Style. 

It takes a while to our 18th floor office, but we don't mind at all!

Waiter, I might need a glass of wine here…

We love our new glass wall conference rooms.

This jaw-dropping spiral staircase is 3 story high,
and visitors usually become speechless as they discover this!
(We were one of them, too.)
There is another conference room on the 20th floor.

Wherever we are, we always work hard and keep our office clean.
We've been trying not to be too loud, but we can't help it. :)

Ally's monitor with thousands of windows!
And if you noticed, Ally designed new name tags for team members.
She also came up with hillarious nicknames for each person.

Bom made a new CEO desk nameplate for Jay. (Finally!)

Sunny put this fake flower on Jay's standing lamp to show how popular Jay is. (...Sorry)

Sweet notes from Panda Market users…
And please ignore our awesome Android developer in the background.

Panda Cafe is now open! Panda bears are having a tea time here...

We take some rest or have ideation meetings at Panda Cafe.
(Or watch TV...?)

The view from Panda Cafe-
We no longer need to go to Jamsil Baseball Stadium during baseball season.

If you get stressed out from work, you can always shoot Panda-Panda!

Or how about getting a massage therapy?

Although we don't bake waffles anymore, you are always welcome to our office. 

Panda-Panda will make some coffee for you. And don't forget to download our new application, Panda Market! :)





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